In 1928, André Citroën organized a competition aimed at the creation of a jeweled brooch comprising the letters of his name and representing a stylized car from the Citroën range of the era.

The winning design was by Guillaume de Vadimon, a Parisien jeweller at 20 rue de la Paix. Made from the anagram of the Citroën name, the 5.3 cm long silver brooch was set with calibrated sapphires and rubies.

During a lunch in 1930, offered by André Citroën, each guest was surprised to receive one, each signed Guy de Vadimon. Today, 90+ years after its creation, they have become very rare.

Rare yes, but not impossible to acquire. We have been contacted by Bérengère Pozzi who’s father worked for Citroën all his life, like his father before him. Bérengère and his father are in possession of 2 of the brooches, the very ones that were handed to the lunch guests in 1930.

Mr Pozzi Sr. who lives in Paris has asked Bérengère to help him as he would really like to sell them to people interested in the history of Citroën.

Bérengère reached out to Citroënvie to help in that quest. He has one in an original box that he wants to sell for 3500 € ($5,052 CAN), the other without a box that he wants to sell 3000 € ($4,330 CAN).

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If you would like to make a purchase of either of these stylish original Citroën art pieces, you can contact Bérengère at:

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