Citroëns on Auction at Artcurial Rétromobile 2022

Seven Citroëns will be on offer at Artcurial Motorcars Paris auction on March 18, 2022 at Rétromobile. These include a rare Méhari 4×4 and a prototype SM:

Lot 130
1987 2CV6 Charleston

Offered with no reserve.
Estimate: 20.000 – 30.000 €

VIN: VF7AZKA00KA272618

Showing only 46,200 km for new, this 2CV Charleston was delivered new on August 20, 1987, in the department of Bas-Rhin, where it has remained with 3 known owners. The last one acquired it in 2015, attracted by its state of conservation. Four new tires have just been fitted as well as a stainless steel exhaust system, electronic ignition, The frame has been rustproofed with Dinitrol.

Update — March 20, 2022: Sold for 17.880 €

Lot 131
1989 2CV6 Charleston

Offered with no reserve.
Estimate: 25.000 – 35.000 €

VIN: VF7AZKA00KA327108

The listing states that it is in a remarkable and rare state of preservation, with very low mileage of 20,845 km from new. Registered on January 18, 1989, It was acquired in 2015 by the current owner. It too has been fitted with four new tires and a stainless steel exhaust system, electronic ignition.

Update — March 20, 2022: Sold for 23.840 €

Lot 145
1971 SM — préparation Regembeau

Offered with no reserve.
Estimate: 60.000 – 80.000 €

Chassis #: 00SB5674
Engine #: 105.811

This SM has a clear and particularly interesting history. It was delivered new to its first owner on 29 October 1971 and has only had three further owners: the second from 1973-1990, the third until 2006, and then its fourth and current owner, who bought it nearly 16 years ago. It was delivered and has remained in the Gironde department of France.

Its original engine was completely rebuilt in the 1990s by Georges Regembeau, who was renowned for his work to optimize the performance of SMs — a job requiring more than 250 hours’ work. It retains the Regembeau cylinder heads, which were rebuilt in 2007.

More recently, in 2017, the bodywork was completely restored keeping the original leather interior and installing a period Grundig radio.

Update — March 20, 2022: Sold for 47.680 €

Lot 146
1970 SM Prototype “Jacques Né “

Estimate: 80.000 – 140.000 €

Chassis #: 00SB0291
Engine #: C114-000.236

On offer is one of the cars used by Citroën’s R&D department, where Jacques Né was in charge of the ‘S’ project which led to the development of the SM. It has several unique features, including ventilated front discs, a strengthened engine sub-frame, double oil cooler, 120-litre fuel tank and cutaway front bumper with a central grille, as well as special suspension spheres. It has the highly sought after resin rim wheels. The car also has a host of detailed stylistic changes not found on production cars from 1970.

The other major difference concerns its engine, which is the spare engine from the 24 Hours of Spa in 1974. Prepared by Maserati, this 2.7-litre unit has the carburetors and a distributor from the 3-litre engine, and produces 190bhp.

When Né retired in 1984, he managed to buy the prototype, which in theory should have been destroyed for reasons of confidentiality. The SM remained in his family until 2017, when it was bought by its current owner, a leading connoisseur of the marque.

Extensive work was then carried out on the car (the full list is on file), including the complete restoration of the engine, paintwork and hydraulic system, as well as that of the interior, whose rare ‘buffalo grain’ leatherette upholstery was preserved.

Update — March 20, 2022: Unsold.

Lot 173
1980 Méhari 4×4
Offered with no reserve.

Estimate: 35 000 – 50 000 €
VIN: VF7AYCE0000CE6002

Photo © Damien Lorrai

Citroën developed the 4×4 Méhari hoping to win fleet contracts for the military, firefighters, agriculture and oil exploration (as was the case with the 2CV Sahara 4×4, of which the Méhari was a sort of heir), but these hopes were in vain, so production remained very limited, with just 1,213 units made.

This Méhari 4×4 has undergone a 40.000 € restoration by Méhari Loisirs, specialists of the model and based in Pouzin, Ardèche, France. The transmission (gearbox and differential), sometimes an issue on this model, have been entirely replaced with new parts.

Update — March 20, 2022: Sold for 47.680 €

Lot 192
1987 Méhari Azur

Offered with no reserve.
Estimate: 15.000 – 25.000 €

VIN: VF7AYCA0013CA9555

Photo © Kevin Van Campenhout

Registered for the first time on July 13, 1984, this Méhari Azur model, is one of a limited series presented to the public in March 1983. It features a duo of unique colors: white and blue. It comes with the specific blue soft top. It has been comprehensively restored by SRO, at the Le Castellet circuit. (Used to restoring and maintaining racing cars, SRO took on the challenge specially for its owner, so that he could enjoy his car at his property in the South of France during the summer.)

Update — March 20, 2022: Sold for 40.528 €

Lot 197
1977 CX 2400 GTI

Offered with no reserve.
Estimate: 15.000 – 25.000 €


This CX GTI has spent most of its life in the Hauts de Seine area. It was registered on September 30, 1977, when it had been bought new by a company manager from Suresnes and the ownership didn’t change until April 2019. Probably stored during the 2010s, this CX shows an incredible patina and is undoubtedly in original condition. The mechanicals were overhauled so that the car could cover long distances. The engine was removed from the car, the 5 spheres were replaced, the fuel tank and hoses were changed, all 4 tires and engine mounts were replaced, and the injectors were overhauled.

83,750 kms currently shows on the odometer and is believed to be original.

Its jersey upholstery with a matching Greek pattern is very rare because it was only offered for the model year 1978 and is particularly well preserved.

Update — March 20, 2022: Sold for 10,728 €

View more pics of these cars and all lots offered at the Artcurial auction here:

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