The Grand Tour Grandstands at the Expense of a 2CV

Is it sagging ratings or just pure stupidity that is having The Grand Tour resort to stunts like seeing if a 2CV can sustain a drop of 500 ft and still have suspension that works?

Last month we wrote about their foibles driving in a Citroën SM.

Well, now Jeremy Clarkson, whose rapier wit has most certainly waned over the years, once again takes to maligning French cars. He and his co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May, observe the untethering of a 2CV Charleston from a helicopter.

After it unsurprisingly impacts into the ground, Clarkson quips that he thought the French to English translation for “Oeuf” was “helicopter” — in a disjointed attempt to play on the 2CV’s attribute of being able to carry a basket of eggs in it’s backseat across a ploughed field and not break a single egg. Simply pathetic — and what waste of a 2CV.

Surely in a world of superb automobile videos these days from the likes of Car Tales, Hagerty, Master Mechanics, and Petrolicious to name a few, the veterans that started the classic car TV craze can do better than assailing a tin snail to keep their Grand Tour series alive.

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