Record-breaking SM up for auction again at Retromobile

At Retromobile in 2014 a record breaking €548,320 was paid for an original (and probably the last built) 1975 Citroen SM Mylord,   It had been with the same family from new and its condition was said to be original and exceptional.  This Mylord will be on the block again at Retromobile 2016 and you are probably wondering, as are we, what it will go for this time?

citroen_maserati_sm_convertible_chapron_01  citroen_maserati_sm_convertible_chapron_06   citroen_maserati_sm_convertible_chapron_02   citroen_maserati_sm_convertible_chapron_03  citroen_maserati_sm_convertible_chapron_04  citroen_maserati_sm_convertible_chapron_07   citroen_maserati_sm_convertible_chapron_08  citroen_maserati_sm_convertible_engine 

Only 7 Mylords were built during the SM’s production run in the first half of the 1970s.  SM shells were transported to Henri Chapron’s workshop in the suburbs of Paris where the car was cut and strengthened before being sprayed in primer. Then it was sent back to Citroën’s Quao de Javal factory for installation of the engine, running gear and electrics prior to moving the car back to Chapron’s Levallois coachworks for paint, interior fitting and final stages of detailing and testing. This resulted in the SM Mylord selling at at price of 130,000 Ffr at the time, double the price of an already expensive standard SM, which sold for about twice the price of a DS.

Vanity Fair published an article on the Mylord on Feb. 25, 2014:

André Pol at Citroën André in The Netherlands was granted an official license in 2014 to create a “new” series of five Chapron authorized SM Mylords.  Having completed 2 so far, each is built on the chassis of an existing SM, and can be customized to the owners’ specifications.

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