John Chassin in Chicago has owned this DS for the past 48 years. We’ll let him tell you why it’s still on the road…

This ’68 DS with 350,000 miles visiting a friend’s place before I store it inside until next spring’s last snow. Original drive train, rebuilt frame x 2, new upholsteries, new headliner, new trunk’s inside fabric, in two floods up to the door handles, in one fire, scrubbed, stripped, repainted, still there and runnin’. I don’t know any better. Smooth and quiet.

Wow, what an amazing accomplishment!

John Chassin

Congratualtions John and happy trails in 2023 when your DS comes out of winter hibernation.


  1. Amazing. So jealous. Your goddess must turn a lot of heads when you are on the raod. Also love the RPI (Rensselaer Polythechnic Institute) sweatshirt. Have just started work on my 1972 D’Special to make her roadworthy. Am also based in Chicago and recently retired so should have lots of time to work on the Citroen. Will see how that works out.

  2. My 1983 edition of John Chassin’s book, “How Citroen” formerly published as “Why Citroen” is well worn, but is still a reliable resource. It took the mystery out of these amazing automobiles and taught me how to understand and maintain my Citroens without dealer support or internet in the early 1980’s US.
    I remain grateful. May your Citroen live forever!

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