BX 4TC Evolution Rally Car & Citroën Group B Rally History

When we mentioned in Citroënvie on Oct. 16, 2021 that a BX 4TC Evolution rally car, one of just 6 or 7 examples still in existence, was coming up for sale, we were intrigued.

We’ve had feedback from many of our members saying that they have pretty much over the years glossed over the BX and it’s racing history. However, the Artcurial auction of the BX 4TC Evolution on Nov 4, where it sold for an astounding 417,200 €, certainly put it, and it’s road-going homologation version, in the limelight!

Built from the BX saloon with a body constructed by Heuliez, the four-wheel drive 4TC Evolution had a 380 bhp 4-cylinder turbocharged engine and transmission using elements of the Peugeot 505 Turbo Production car. The gearbox came from the Citroën SM.

On Dec 20, a car enthusiast who goes by the the name of Jack, posted a video where he discusses the BX’s racing image and history. He shows the auctioned BX 4TC Evolution, now in the UK and in the hands of its new owner as part of the The Saunders Collection. (Check it out on Instagram).

In the video, Jack shows that it is the same car, in part by Gary Nicholls (the new owner’s engineer) cleaning the blackened boost gauge in the center dashboard console, (seen in that state in the picture below, taken for the auction).

It’s a great video about this often overlooked chapter of Citroën’s Group B rally car history! View it here:

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