Citroën may be coming to North America after all, but not in the manner many envision.

The Ami – 100% ëlectric, Citroën’s tiny two-seater EV, may be coming to Washington D.C. Free2Move (the mobility division of Stellantis, the new parent company of the Citroën brand) published a teaser on Linkedin earlier this week showing a silhouette of the Ami – 100% ëlectric, with the phrase “From France With Love,” along with the caption “Something big is coming to Washington D.C.,”

Free2Move is currently operating in Washington and a couple of other other major US cities in the car sharing market. This tease by Free2Move suggests it plans to introduce Ami – 100% ëlectric into its lineup of available shared cars sometime soon.

We’d like to think that we get some credit for the announcement for after all, back in n December 21, 2021, we suggested such a move in an article about Mike Manley being appointed to lead Americas operations for Stellantis, we wrote:

If Stellantis is serious about pursuing this goal of dominating mobility in North America, they should be addressing the urban transportation market by convincing major North American cites to integrate an urban transport mobility device that would be the new mode of personal transport — scooting people about town and to existing subways, LRT and rail hubs. A solution such as the Citroën Ami, is proving to be a cost-effective and practical solution to ultra-urban transit in France. Granted the USA is a different market, but the need to get around congested cities is acute. With some initial test in markets such as Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Vancouver, their cost/benefits would result in ready adoption of a trendy new transportation form.

You’re welcome! Though we hope they can navigate the limitations of the Ami – 100% ëlectric in the USA capital. The car is maxed out at 60 KM/ph unless Citroën is prepared to lift that restriction. There is no air-conditioning, and they will need to find a means to ensure renters stay on city streets and not venture onto major roads or expressways. And since the Ami – 100% ëlectric would operating on city streets, presumably it will need to conform to US safety regulations. Or maybe Joe Biden will adjust some laws in favour of it meeting his electric mobility mandate.

At least its refreshing to see that Citroen’s vision of urban mobility might be coming to Washington under the guise of Free2Move. We wish them the best!

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