Citroën Says “See Ya” to the C1

Production of the Citroën C1 has ended at the Kolin factory in the Czech Republic, leaving it solely for the Toyota version of the car, the Aygo.

Debuting in 2005, the C1 was developed along with two badge engineered variants, the Peugeot 107, which is mostly identical to the C1 aside from its front bumper fascia and front and rear lights, and the Toyota Aygo, which is slightly more differentiated.

The company says their nixing of the C1 comes as a result of “changes to working patterns, restricted vehicle usage in city centers and the need for an ultra-affordable electric solution in response to a host of new urban mobility needs”. In other words, they want to push their micro mini electric solution — the Ami. 

For customers who still want a more conventional albeit slightly larger sized Citroën than a C1, the C3You! (yes, that’s the name complete with exclamation mark) will be introduced to plug that gap and priced so that it just undercuts a top spec C1. Pricing in the UK will start at £12,995.

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