D Resuscitation — Sort of…

Here’s one for the ‘all-it-needs-is-a-clutch’ crowd.  Citroënvie Member Bruce Turner from Montreal mentioned this video from the Restored YouTube channel.

Small town business owners Wyatt and Lance Bush in Bagota, Texas team together to dig into a 1966 Citroën ID19 with hope of seeing it on the road again. Rather than bringing you a video packed with music and dialogue, they give provide an oddly satisfying experience of what it takes to bring this thing back to life through a step-by-step process giving us an everyday mechanic’s point of view — void of any dialogue! All you hear are the natural sounds of wrenches being turned and fluids pouring. Quite amazing to see them work together and know what the other shall do.

Its not clear what their ultimate objective is, but they do get it running, after a fashion.

There are a few definite don’ts shown… like crawling under the car when it is only lifted by a trolley jack, and pretty much ripping off the rear fender!  (Tip: open the rear passenger door first.)

At one point he does shove an axle stand underneath but Bruce writes; “I found myself thinking that I wasn’t sure I’d trust even that on something so rusty.”

In in any event, the video is popular. As of March 20,2024, the video got over 1,500 comments!

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  1. You know … I watch a lot of Holocaust films and still I think this is the most depressing thing I have ever seen!
    You have this gorgeous yellow 66 DS that has been sitting for 40 years, rotting away. But the car has so much heart, they can still get it to run. It only need EVERYTHING, but what a beauty it would make if restored lovingly in the right hands. I don’t know who these guys are, but I suspect they jus “flip” cars. God help the poor guy who gets it next, although I think it’s destined for the graveyard. They drive it through giant mud puddles with no suspension where it ca be forgotten for another 40 years to become home for rats until it melts into powdered rust. I get that people die and don’t know what to do with the cars, but it could have been donated and saved long ago. I’m glad I have kept mine running and maintained as well as I could afford for nearly 50 years and finally did pretty close to a frame-up restoration in the last decade. A DS in almost any shape makes my heart race, but this was just so depressing I had to write. Please don’t show snuff films like this again.

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