25 years ago, Chrysler was one of several manufacturers attempting to make small cars cheaper by building them smarter. One project the company undertook, that we have written about a few times, was the creation of a kind of modern-day Citroën 2CV.

Called the Chrysler CCV, the name originally stood for China Concept Vehicle, a nod to its intended audience. (In the late 1990s China’s automotive market was somewhat different from today’s technology-focused behemoth). It was later re-dubbed Composite Concept Vehicle, but in either case one can read that acronym slowly and get the inference: CCV – Two C… V.

An article published the other day in Autopian, features the CCV and also shows the CV 2000 concept where Citroën, 24 years ago, toyed with offering a modernized version of the 2CV — a strategy to counter Volkswagen who offered an updated Beetle in that era, and Fiat who revived the 500 with their new tale on the sub-compact classic.

The CV 2000 concept was on public display at Citroën’s 100th Anniversary Celebration at La Ferte Vidame France in 2019.

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