Jalopnik featured an article on Dave Burnham today that we knew would be coming. George Dyke was interviewed for it by Tim Stevens a few weeks ago and he, Citroënvie and Citroën Autoclub Canada are mentioned in it.

We have made in known for a while that Dave wants to retire, but the article today gives very practical terms that Dave is prepared to extend to a competent mechanic who would like to take over his business and work on Citroëns.

$1,200 a month if someone wanted to start by renting the shop. “Oh, and you get Alan,” he added — Alan R. Bentsen II, Burnham’s part-time assistant who also runs his own machining business, meaning he can make from scratch the hard-to-find fittings that old Citroëns require.

The best part of the deal he’s offering: Dave Burnham himself, just a short stroll away from the shop, available to tell you how to navigate any Citroën issue.

You can read the full article here: https://jalopnik.com/dave-burnham-best-citroen-mechanic-giving-away-his-shop-1850241709

Let’s hope someone can step forward and give Dave the means to retire on his own terms.

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  1. Hi dear friends! I live in Augusta Western Australia which just so happens to be the antipodes of New York! At fast approaching 78 I am not a contender, however a C5 owner and that of a Light Fifteen in years past plus worked at Maxim Motors in Brisbane, where both Jim & Bob Reflex were considered the best in the business. The year 1971 and my task was sales,. in 6 months just 4 X DS Models so time to return to WA. also as a returned Vietnam Vet, I was a mess. Committed but a mess!
    Dave, I wish you well plus God’s speed. To us who think outside the box, methinks you’ll turn up again. And, you will … God bless, Gil. Goodwin ex SAS Vietnam ’67-’68.
    PS. Of note is that Jim Rediex owns the 1968 DS that won the London to Sydney Marathon that year. The year later Jim was co driver to a retired gentleman in a DS21 who drove from the Perth Post office to the central Post Office in Brisbane in 9minutes under 36hours. Across the Nullabor mostly unsealed was quite some feat. Au rev our …

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