Here’s a clip from Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee series.  In this one he goes for coffee with a French comedian Gad Elmaleh in a 1950 Citroën 2CV.  The show is really about nothing but as Jerry says, he loves comedians, he loves cars and he loves coffee, so why not make a video?  It’s rather funny in its own right, except it tarnishes the 2CV’s reputation that it is a reliable vehicle because the one they are in certainly had not been properly tuned-up.

Update — Feb. 22, 2022:  Sorry to say that the above link is no longer valid.  Netflix has purchased the series and has removed the website and all other videos available for viewing online.  You can watch this episode on Netflix.  Search for: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee / series 2 / episode 3.


  1. That episode was so embarrassing it was painful to watch. The only saving grace was Gad Elmaleh! It’s disgraceful that a man with so much money would let a car run like that. Jay Leno would simply commit heresy (as he has with others) and stick a US iron V8 in it! At least it would go well.

    1. You may want to check into Jay a little more.

      I had the pleasure of spending time with him at SEMA, and getting to view some of his collection in person. He has engine swapped vehicles; but not like you speak of above. It’s more traditional hot-rodding on platforms that would get a V8 swap in the past; nothing like a 2CV.

      He’s also a huge French car supporter, and regularly drives this:

      Jay likes quirky things, and there’s little that can compete with a Citroen. I say this as a proud owner of a 2CV, and seeking a DS, as well as a *bunch* of classic American and British iron.

      1. We have featured Jay many times on Citroënvie, including his DS youtube link that you mentioned. Search “Jay Leno” on our site and you’ll get numerous results and links to videos of his other Citroëns.

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