Citroënvie member Kevin Roberts in Layfayette, CO had a little mishap in his 1972 DS21 last February. Unfortunately a fellow hit his beloved “Babette” and it required him to source a driver’s door and front 1/4 panel.

After a bit of a hassle finding the parts, happily the car was repaired and with a fresh new look to Babette, she and Kevin did a YouTube video with a local automotive blogger in Boulder Colorado.

Kevin does a nice job describing the virtues of his DS. Here it is:


  1. I have just enjoyed the video of Mr Kevin Roberts extolling the virtues of his ds but my wife and I would love to know what Mr Roberts does for a living. I say either aeronautical engineer or MIT engineer.

  2. Oh, so-o close! I help design the guts of satellites. The Printed Circuit Boards, specifically. But I used to be a Locomotive Engineer. Very glad you enjoyed the show. And you must know, there were so many things that we just didn’t get around to covering – like the trunk.

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