Lamborghini Aventador Split in Half in Brooklyn, NY Crash

The rear of the car and its engine were left in the middle of the road while the cabin was thrown against a brick wall and briefly caught fire.

Lamborghini Aventador Brooklyn Crash 5  Lamborghini Aventador Brooklyn Crash 1  Lamborghini Aventador Brooklyn Crash 3  Lamborghini Aventador Brooklyn Crash 6

While the image of a Lamborghini Aventador split in half is quite shocking, the car has been designed to do just that in high-speed crashes with breakaway bolts helping to detach the rear-end from the carbon fiber monocoque of the front.

However, watch this stationary camera video of the accident (here).

The report says the Lambo was speeding and it was probably doing over the limit, but the camera shows the Lambo coming down the street as the sedan (apparently a Mazda) comes into view.  The driver of the sedan seems to be going at a good clip, making a left turn and the Lambo would have been visible to the driver well in advance of making the left.  In reality, it’s the sedan driver’s fault as much (if more) than the Lambo’s.  Actually a good thing the Lambo was going that speed getting clipped behind the driver’s door rather than in the front end.

Truly a good thing no one was hurt.  But the insurance company won’t be happy!

This incident takes us back to the Ferrari Enzo crash in Malibu which saw that Italian exotic split in half in identical fashion.

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