Traction Avant – 80th Anniversary History

It was on April 18, 1934 that the first Citroën Traction Avant, was presented to journalists.  During this time 759,123 Tractions in various configurations were built.

On the 80th anniversary date of the Traction Avant, we are pleased to present a history summary outlining the the various production models from April 18, 1934 to April 1957:

April 18, 1934
Press launch of the Citroën Traction Avant 7A Type Berline

May 1934
Presentation of the 7A convertibles and the “Faux Cabriolet” two door coupe (with rumble seat).

[Also, in 1934 the legendary 8-cylinder prototype “22CV” was shown in sedan, convertible and the “Faux Cabriolet” versions.  They were never produced in series and their whereabouts remain a mystery to this day.]

June 1934
Three more powerful versions of the 7A are introduced: the Type 7B, the model 7S (“Sport”), the first “real” 11CV.

July 1934
The 11A (also known as “11 Normal”) is presented.  It is 20cm longer and 12cm wider than the 7S.

September 1934
The 7C replaces the 7B.

October 1934
The 7S is renamed to Type 11AL . The “L” stands for ” Legere ” .

January 1937
The 11AL is replaced by the 11BL.  The model 11A is replaced by the 11B.

April 1938
The Type 11C is presented, – the commercial vehicle variant of the 11B.  (The “C” stands for “Commerciale”).

June 1938
The 15- Six G (“G ” for the left-turning motor ) is presented as a sedan . Maximum speed: 140 km/h.

March 1939
The 15- Six ” Familiale ” (model with third -row seats ) and sedans are presented.

September 1947
The 15- Six D (“D” for right now rotating motor ) replaced the 15 -Six G.

October 1953
The models 11 and 15 Familiale, whose production was interrupted in 1940, are available again .

April 1954
The 15- Six H (“H” for Hydraulique, the first model from Citroën with hydraulically-sprung rear axle) appears.

July 25, 1957
The last Traction Avant, a model 11 Familiale, is produced at Usine Quai de Javel, Paris.  An era comes to an end.


Below is the link to the excerpt from Jean Pierre Pernaut on TF1 about the 80th anniversary of the Traction Avant.   (Click on picture to play.)

Jean Pierre Pernaut on TF1 on Traction 80th anniversary


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