World Class Citroën Tribute from Poland

Our friends in the Polish Club of Citroën enthusiasts along with the automotive journal have made a video clip of antique Citroëns married to a soundtrack of Chopin’s motifs specially composed for the purposes of the video. 

The video starts with a Citroën C4 electric and during the course of the clip a C4 Citroën from 1931, a Traction Avant, DS 21, 2CV, CX and an XM are also featured. The music is played by a talented pianist, Hanna Golunska who also plays the main role in the video. 

The production and cinematography (including the drone footage) is of a very high caliber, so much so that it is on par (arguably even better) than current videos produced by Citroën. Check out ‘Citroën & Chopin: VOYAGE‘ here:

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