Why — climb on the roof for a photo op of course! That’s what Citroënvie member Jeff Kanter did when he rear-ended a car while driving his DS.

Jeff recalls that in the late 1970’s he drove from Cleveland to Chicago to visit his buddy right after fully restoring his DS.

The accident happened on Wacker Drive and it just so happened that professional photographer Steve Dari was there and saw the “art moment” opportunity. He had Jeff pose on the roof before the car was towed!

Is that one cool dude or what?

Fortunately Jeff had a few spare DS parts for the repair after stripping one in his driveway.

Jeff parting out a DS with the shipping crate for the motor in the foreground.
(As a side note; he took out the driver’s seat had it reupholstered and mounted on a wheeled base as an office chair that he still uses to this day. — Ed note: Check the safety sandals!)

To ensure he still had Citroën in which to jaunt about, even if his DS was being repaired, Jeff acquired this Méhari.

Jeff in his Méhari in the early 80s.
(And no — the front is not scrunched. The car cover has been peeled back and is lying over the front of the car. )

These days, Jeff leaves a lot more space when following cars.

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