A Message From the ‘All it Needs is a Clutch’ Dept.

With the plethora of online auctions and websites with classic cars for sale these days, it pays to be very cautious and do your homework BEFORE buying anything — particularly Citroëns!

Avoid the peanut gallery of comments from people that know little about the brand and are basically killing time writing comments to pass the time of day as they sift through listings as armchair critics.

In our Citroënvie Marketplace, every car listed has direct contact info to the seller, enabling you to get the unfiltered lowdown on the car’s current condition, its specifications and history. We don’t post an ad without listing the asking price. So you are not in a bidding war. Rather, you can access whether the car is within your budget range right from the outset. You can make your case without auction pressure, and submit an offer you feel good about.

Having said that, do your due diligence before you purchase. It is very wise to have the car inspected by a Citroën specialist or experienced owner someone familiar with the model — and what it takes to restore one whether you are able to go and see it locally or you are too far away to be physically there.

And remember, car ads are written to make the vehicle look attractive. With that in mind — be skeptical, keeping in mind that some sellers write ads with catch phrases like these that are ‘open’ for interpretation:

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