Citroën SM in Toronto History Archives

by George Dyke…


Citroënvie member James Stewart brought to my attention a piece posted on BlogTo on July 24 citing 30 images familiar to you if you grew up in Toronto in the 1980’s.   A fascinating article in itself as it visually depicts Toronto in a era that is pre-condo towers and an emerging multi-cultural city.

But, look what was featured in image #20:

George Klein's SM in Toronto History Archives

Curious to know if any of our Toronto members knew more about the car, I asked the few that still have SMs.  Imagine my surprise when George Klein quickly responded saying “GEO-451  .. That’s me was silver at that time!”.

George’s SM is now white and has had the European headlight 6 headlight glass covered system installed since the photo was taken, but there it is as George originally bought it.  Preserved for all to see as part of Toronto’s downtown scene in the 1980’s.  How cool is that?



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