The SM is a carbureted version from 1972 painted in 1972 brun scarabée colour with a tan leather interior. The car is in perfect condition. Immat DC-418-JS and VIN (chassis no) 00SB6679.

It was stolen this week between Thursday, May 2 in the afternoon and Wednesday, May 8 in the morning in the Paris region. A complaint has been filed with the Paris police about the theft.

The air conditioning compressor was replaced by a disengageable Sanem unit with an “Air conditioning on/off” button on the dashboard, identical to the blue ventilation fan push button on the Citroën GS.

1971 CItroën GS dasboard with the blue ventilation fan switch.

This detail is important because few SMs will have this blue switch.

The last time it was used was about 15 days ago and it showed 10,152 km. The last technical inspection was on 04/18/2024. The registration papers were not in the car so they have no official document… however there was the on-board documentation etc. in it.

If you come across this SM, please alert the French Police.

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