Sculpture Commemorates DS 60th Birthday as a Design Icon

The DS was launched in Le Grand Palais Paris motor show in October 1955.  Now, to commemorate its 60th birthday, Swiss artist Benoit de Clercq has created an 30 cm (close to 1 foot) long sculpture of the Citroën DS that weighs close to 1.15 kilos.

Benoit de Clercq was born in October 1955 too, in Paris, during the Paris motor show week.  Perhaps a contributing factor for his true passion of this 20th century design icon.

Sculptured with what Flaminio Bertoni, the father of the DS, had in mind as he designed the original clay model, it is inspired, too, by the “no-wheels” models that followed, which Citroën presented in shows and in its catalogues at the end of the fifties to evoke the streamlined, and almost aeronautical lines of this futuristic car.

DS No Wheels Illustration 1  DS No Wheels Sculpture  DS No Wheels Illustration 2

The sculpture is available in five colors: light green, light blue, pale yellow, creamy white and light grey.  And the base, in aluminum and polished chrome plated brass, has a ball for varying the inclination of the car.  Each copy, is made out of finely polished resin, signed, and numbered.

If you would like one, move quickly!   The price: 450.00 € each.  Produced officially under Citroën licence, it is limited, worldwide, to only two hundred copies.  The original sculpture is kept in Citroën Heritage Museum.

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Update – Oct. 8, 2015:  When exported outside European Community the VAT tax is deducted, and the export cost of a sculpture is € 375 with the stand, or € 325 without the stand (plus shipping of course).

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