How to Perfect Your James Bond Persona (Starting with the Car)

Many people wish to be as cool as James Bond, and obtaining a classic Citroën can make for a great start.

For the famous “drive in the country” chase scene in the 1981 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only, starring Roger Moore and Carole Bouquet, the pair hopped into a 2CV — the least 007 car imaginable after Bond’s Lotus Esprit gets blown up. The film’s producers chose a 2CV to make a clean break from the high tech gadgetry of Moonraker (1979) and force Bond to rely on his wits.

Two special 2CVs were built that had the flat-4 air-cooled engine taken from the Citroën GS which more than doubled the power. The hood and fenders and frame were slightly lengthened to accommodate the larger engine. (Barely noticeable in this article’s title photo of one of the actual GS engine 2CVs. It presently resides in Citroën’s Le Conservatoire located near Charles De Gaulle airport on the outskirts of Paris.)

Roger and Carole make their escape through the winding roads (and steep-sloping olive groves) in Greece ( and notably, in one scene the 2CV tips over and is quickly righted by hand (

We’ve posted before about a replica 007 2CV being available for purchase (see, but if you really want to look chic on the road, any model will do.  Heck, iconic Citroëns can be spotted in numerous memorable spy films.  Getting your hands on a classic Citroën will certainly make you feel like a 007-esque gentleman whether or not a Bond actor ever literally sat behind its wheel.

While the car goes a long way, however, there’s more that can be done to perfect a Bond persona, such that your Citroën (Aston Martin DB5, Toyota 2000 or similar classic) is just part of the equation. Here are a few tips for those looking to go full Bond.

Dress For Your Car – Odds are if you get your hands on a Citroën it’s not your everyday vehicle. So, when you do drive it, you should make an extra effort to dress the part. A gorgeous, classic automobile demands a tailored look the likes of which numerous Bond actors have perfected over the years. Fortunately, there’s an excellent style guide you can read here that teaches you just how to pull off that kind of look.

Know Your Way Around a Poker Table – Poker has been one of Bond’s favourite hobbies over the years, and while it’s not a day-to-day activity for most of us, knowing your way around the table can help you feel more like 007. And keep in mind that it doesn’t just mean knowing how to play and understanding the hand values as well as the general rules. To be like Bond, you should also know how to play cash games. An overview of cash games by partypoker’s ‘Micro Limit Tables’ teaches the basics, including some strategies.

Understanding these basics — even if you don’t play regularly — helps to round out your Bond persona. Plus, they may have some practical value next time you find yourself in a poker game or bidding on a Citroën.

Know How to Mix Classic Cocktails – In the same way as playing poker, you don’t need to be an enthusiast; in fact, you don’t even need to drink cocktails at all. But knowing what the classic ones entail, or how to make them for others, deepens that classic gentleman vibe we’re going for. You can view go-to recipes here and will likely find that they’re a bit easier to manage than they seem.

Listen More Than You Talk – This is less of a lifestyle tip and more about behaviour. But if you watch the Bond films you’ll note that he’s often fairly soft-spoken. He listens and evaluates, and speaks with purpose when he does. And rest assured, this is part of his allure. An article by Bustle a few years ago even cited scientific evidence that people who listen more are more attractive! That’s not to say you shouldn’t ever speak up — but a true 007-esque gentleman listens first.

Naturally, we’re all about the classic cars, and no one thing will make you feel more like James Bond than getting behind the wheel of a Citroën (even if Bond famously banged his 2CV up a bit). If you feel like going further with the lifestyle though, keep these tips in mind.

IMAGE CREDIT: [Wikimedia Commons] – No changes were made to the image.

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