New Citroën Ami Now in France Retail Stores

The new all-electric Citroën Ami is now available in retail stores in France. Customers can choose what configuration they want with numerous optional accessories and determine whether a purchase or renting one best suits their needs.

NowYouKnow, a podcast for Tesla electric car buffs, featured a report about it where the innovative mobility vehicle’s features are shown in detail.

Check it out in the video (below) at about the 12:08 mark:

You can also view a road test of the Ami as well as an interview with Sébastien Grandmougin – Ami Product Manager here: (It starts at about 37:50 mark.)

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  1. I am sorry to say the Citroen Ami is Badly Manufacture. The Welding would not be allowed in any real Car Manufacturing Plant. The Metal Frame Rusts very quickly. The Windscreen Wiper is in the wrong Position. The Mirrors and Badly Placed and move when you open a Door. They are so Badly put together that Water gets in through the Doors, Through all the Unsealed Parts. The Lack of Protection on the Underside lets Dirt, Stones and Water in and for an Electric Vehicle that is Highly Dangerous. A Standard Ami is worth no more than £4,500. Let’s be Honest…They are ALL Standard Amis. Citroen just puts different stickers on, re’names it something else and charges over the top prices. Their most expensive Ami is worth no more than £5,000.

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