History comes alive! Here is a look into Paris just as a youthful André Citroën would have experienced it and before the influx of the automobile.

Handsomely dressed men, and elegant ladies. One careless biker has a narrow escape. Watch a Fire Brigade in full steam round a corner on two wheels. And who knew they had moving pedestrian platforms at the time.

The Eiffel Tower is just a few years old. It will be the tallest man made structure on earth for the next 40 years.

Amazing footage! A world without cars, without cellphones, and without big corporate branded stores!

This collection of high quality remastered footage from the dawn of film shows the Belle Époque-era of Paris from 1896-1900. The footage, originally taken by the Lumière company, has been slowed down to a natural rate and masterful sound added, perfectly timed for ambiance.

The result makes you feel you’re there and the way people are curiously looking at the camera without realizing what is in store for them with WWI in about 15 years or that 122 years later they are going to be watched by us!

It feels like you can shout out and they will hear you. So interesting to watch this and thankful someone captured this footage for all time.

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