Pierre Duperray sent us an update on the 4 speed prototype for the Traction 15/6 that has been rolling since the beginning of the year.  Now it has almost 4,000 kms of practical testing in an actual car and is proving quite satisfactory. 

You can watch a video of it in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lW9xLo1VURw

The timeframe for development has been much longer than Pierre anticipated, but he has achieved his desired goal.  He says he will put initial units into production at the beginning of 2018.  The price will be around 4500 €.  Although somewhat higher in cost than originally planned, it is not possible to have a lower price.  The price of the gears and alignment parts alone in the unit is 2300 €.  To keep the 4500 € overall cost Pierre has managed to make the selector and the other parts of the gearbox as simple as possible using readily accessible parts. 

If you would like to purchase the modification unit contact Pierre at duperray.pa@orange.fr.


You can read more about Pierre’s 4-speed modification for the Traction 15/6 here: https://citroenvie.com/four-speed-gearbox-option-for-6-cylinder-tractions/

and here: https://citroenvie.com/update-on-4-speed-grearbox-development-for-traction-15-6/