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Attention CX owners who are having to deal with replacing engine mounts.  They are pricey parts, but thanks to the Citroën specialists at Très Beau BV in The Netherlands, here’s a tip that will extend their life:

The lower engine mount on a CX mostly suffers from oil (engine oil or LHM), leaking on the mount itself.  As a result, the rubber of the mount deteriorates and finally “dies”.

To protect the rubber of the engine mount against oil leakages (not uncommon with CX’s as you will be aware),  you can cover the engine mount with the rubber part that is used to protect the headlamp from moisture entering the headlamp.  It acts as kind of “jacket”, preventing oil from getting into contact with the rubber of the engine mount.  Seems to fit perfectly, both from fitting as from effectiveness point of view.
cx-lower-engine-mount-pic-1  cx-lower-engine-mount-pic-2 CX lower engine mount.

cx-lower-engine-mount-diagram  CX engine mount diagram with lower engine mount highlighted.

cx-headlight-socket-seal  CX headlamp socket cover.

cx-headlight-seal-diagram  CX headlight diagram with socket cover highlighted.

Thanks go to Bart Roos and his colleagues at Citroënspecialist Très Beau BV.  They can be contacted at:
Techniekweg 16
4143 HV Leerdam
0345-622128 / 0345-616413

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