Take a look at what Danish designer Jacob Jensen created in attempting to offer an even more futuristic to Citroën XM.   Not to be confused with any offering from Jensen Motors Ltd. the British manufacturer of sports cars, the Jensen One looked something like a 4 door version of the Delorean from the Back to the Future film, but gone horribly wrong.  With body panels made from made of kevlar and carbon fiber, the standard wheels of the XM were now enveloped and looked as narrow as tires on a 2CV.

Michael Banovsky wrote more about it on his “Car of the Day” blog.  Read its history here:


And watch the 1990’s promotional video here:

Jensen One Video Still

The prototype seen in the video still exists as does a second presumably alpha attempt—in white—that illustrates how the flared door and fender wheel skirts were attempted.

Jensen One_002

We say:  Thank God only two were built!   And even two are two too many!!