Take a look at what Danish designer Jacob Jensen created in attempting to offer an even more futuristic to Citroën XM.   Not to be confused with any offering from Jensen Motors Ltd. the British manufacturer of sports cars, the Jensen One looked something like a 4 door version of the Delorean from the Back to the Future film, but gone horribly wrong.  With body panels made from made of kevlar and carbon fiber, the standard wheels of the XM were now enveloped and looked as narrow as tires on a 2CV.

Michael Banovsky wrote more about it on his “Car of the Day” blog.  Read its history here:


And watch the 1990’s promotional video here:

The prototype seen in the video still exists as does a second presumably alpha attempt—in white—that illustrates how the flared door and fender wheel skirts were attempted.

We say:  Thank God only two were built!   And even two are two too many!!

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  1. I know a great deal about the XMs and variations. I have heard about this XM Jensen design as I have been an avid Bang & Olufsen fan and used to troubleshoot them as a technician. Jacob Jensen also designed similar products to the B & O of Denmark.

    There is no question XM drives a lot better than a CX.
    Do you know that only the MK 1,Left hand drive XM with the 3L, V6 came with the single spoke steering wheel as well as had the deravi steering?
    The youtube video featuring the Jensen XM, it is an early XM like mine, with just a single overhead camshaft and with the timing chain.
    There was an earlier Left hand with a 24Valve version of the MK 1 XM, which also came with a deravi and the V was 90 deg angle. Its engine had a V6 grunt and only came in 5 speed transmissions. On the latter ones somewhere in the middle 1990’s, the MK2, the V6 engine was changed to a 60 degrees displacement. Also it lost the Deravi steering wheel and the single spoke was gone by this time,

    The latter 24, came in Automatics 1998/2000, with electrical head rests and central arm rests. IMHO more gadgets, the more headaches.

    Even the 3L, V6, Left hand drive XM around 93/94, no longer came with a Deravi steering, they have what’s known as a Dirass, this latter system is fitted to my XM wagon.

    – Prakash Raja

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