Traction Flea Market Find

Sometimes it pays to look carefully through flea markets as Citroënvie member René Bakker discovered the other day in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. 


In doing some research on the web, post purchase, René found that this Traction Avant model of an early 15/6 seems to be quite rare.  It is a 1/32nd die-cast scale made by FAL in Italy.  Unfortunately the few that have surfaced and been put up for sale haven’t fetched big money.  Witness the following auctions where the prices are from 22  to 60 :



Rene says he’s not persuing its sale but he is open to offers.  Although doing a little research of our own on the net, it seems like the Dinky Toy die-cast version of the Traction Avant 15/6 commandeers considerably more, (like over 600 )!:

The last picture is from a piece of timber that René says “escaped” from my circular saw many, many moons ago and is not for sale.  He kept it just for fun.




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