Earlier this month in Germany a Citroën SM was involved in a secondary accident on the A7 motorway near Rhön which was a result of a car that had collided with a truck that had apparently changed lanes in front of the vehicle in the left lane.  The car driver was seriously injured.  However, in the forming traffic jam there was an evening outing of five Citroën SMs.  One SM drove into the rear of a truck.  The driver and front seat passenger survived, but the back seat passenger, a 78-year-old woman, was killed.   She was not wearing a seat belt and went out the back window.  The 90-year-old driver and front passenger sustained serious injuries.

The accident had happened a few minutes after 7 pm.  According to eyewitnesses, first the truck pulled into the left lane.  The motorist in the car was unable to break in time and crashed into the rear of the truck.   At a distance of about 200 meters from the first accident traffic had slowed and a truck driver had reduced his speed.  The driver of the SM following the truck reacted too late to the situation and crashed into it at near full speed.

A most unfortunate outcome to a Friday evening outing, and a reminder to all of us to stay alert at the wheel.   

Photos courtesy of Berthold Diem.


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