World’s Largest Citroën Colour Database Established

BASF, one of the leading colouring and paint manufacturer companies with their well-known “Glasurit” paint brand, has been involved in a more than three-year project in collaboration with CITROËN Heritage and the Conservatoire to create a unique colour database for CITROËN models.

The result is that the partnership is a database of of 1,042 different colour tones of 23 different Citroën models up until 1988, and best news of all of Citroën fans, it’s accessible as a free resource here:

Glasurit Classic Car Colors

This is the most complete colour database that has ever been created for Citroën historic vehicles.  For the DS versions alone, now 218 colours are registered.

Nevertheless, there are some colors that are still not known neither to BASF nor Citroën.  (For example, querying a pre-war Traction Avant returns nothing.)  Maybe some of our members might help aggregating more missing data?

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