Citroënvie member Ronald Kienhuis from the Bretagne region in France has loved owning his Berlingo for many years. It is with great sadness that he bid adieu to it in August. What did he replace it with? We’ll let Ronny tell you in his own words (and photos);

If the French government is willing to give me 3500 € for it if I buy an electric car, new or used, you gotta be practical and take the money.

So I bought a Bluecar Bluesummer.

I’m sure you will recognize it as the original Citroën E-Méhari with different wheels and headlights.

Otherwise it’s exactly the same. Mine is from 2016 (probably the only year it was sold although all the ID’s in the car say that it was built fall 2014. It has less than 10,000km).

Practical? Well, I’ll keep the top down till I have to and as long as I drive less then 100km day it will be perfect for local stuff. (For long distance there is my C6.) It can go as fast as 120km/h and with the top down it’s windy! You can only lock a small compartment in the “trunk”. Otherwise it will only work by passing a badge over the corner of the front windshield. It’s a hot battery thus it’s always plugged in (at least during the night as it would take all night to recharge).

Anyway, I do miss my Berlingo…

The Bluesummer, as I mentioned, is a fun somewhat impractical (in the way my old MGB was in that you had to assemble the frame before you could put up the top) solution to having a non-polluting no-need-to-buy-gas local vehicle. As a second vehicle it’s fine (and it was also NOT expensive which is a big problem for electric cars) and it’s also one of the few which are now available as second hand cars AND no need to lease the battery!

A friend bought a George Irat recently and I’m smitten. It’s fairly roomy but I’m not sure how driveable it is what with my long legs, the pedals, the steering wheel and the shifter, but …. You never know.

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