On February 18, 2021 we revealed a majority stake sale of the Burton Car Company by its two owners and founders; brothers Iwan and Dimitri Gobel. https://citroenvie.com/burton-car-company-sold/

We now have an update that the sale did not go through as planned, and as Iwan tells us — 2CV enthusiasts can all sleep a little better now!

In 2019 we sold part of our shares to a company owned by Rens Vrolijk. It involved 75% of the shares. We would retain ownership of 25% of the shares and all the real estate and the Burton name. Also, my brother and I would continue to work 2 days a week in the innovation and creative department.

Mr Vrolijk had to pay before May 1, 2020 but then Covid 19 broke out in March 2020 and this payment was postponed. More than a year later we still hadn’t received any money and at that time we became suspicious.

Through good detective work and a few tips, we found out in May 2021 that Rens Vrolijk had defrauded about 100 companies. With hard work and good fortune we were able to reverse the purchase at the end of May 2021 and all shares are therefore still owned by me and my brother.

We are very happy and relieved that this purchase did not go through. We will leave it as it is for the time being, but we do not rule out the possibility that we will sell some of our shares in the future because we think that our expertise does not lie in company management.

In short, we will remain a major shareholder/involved in this wonderful company now and in the future so that our DNA will continue to guide it.

Yours sincerely,

Iwan Gobel
Burton Car Company BV
Zweedsestraat 4
7202 CK Zutphen
Tel: +31(0)575-546055
Mob: +31(0)6-21801142
Internet: www.burtoncar.com
E-mail: iwan@burtoncar.com
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/iwangobel
Facebook: www.facebook.com/burton2cvparts

There are now exciting things happening at Burton. Keep reading Citroenvie for some new innovative product announcements.

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