The Greater New York Citroën & Velosolex Club’s Annual Bastille Day Rally Around New York City will be part of Citroën’s global heritage documentary online series in celebration of Citroën’s 100 Anniversary.

Howie Seligman, (pictured left) who organizes the event each year, informs us that the video’s Director, Basile Rose (pictured on the right), will be coming with his team to the Rally in NYC on Sunday, July 14th on behalf of Citroėn to shoot the festivities.

The 20th annual get-together to celebrate Bastille Day will start at Grant’s Tomb, Riverside Drive South & 122nd Street.

You are welcome to join in the fun and celebration! After all, it only happens every 100 years!

For more information, or call Howie at 201-863-7600.