Remember the Carly Simon song ‘Your so Vain”?  Well if you are wanting to personalize your Citroën, you might think this article is about you; Some people want the extra recognition a custom license plate brings.  Others find it a gimmick that detracts from the car itself.  Classic car owners sometimes want to have an original looking license plate for the year the car was first on the road. 


We’re not here to judge, just to let those that do want a custom plate know that we know of two companies in the USA that will make one for you.  The first is in the Carlsbad CA:

The second company is in Florida and they offer Canadian plates:

In provinces like Ontario, custom front plates are not technically legal but hey, you can look cool prior to being ticketed and hauled off the road.

If you are going to get a custom plate and want to be clever consider this:  a Texas driver had his “DV3H KID” custom plate revoked.  Why?  It read “DIK HEAD” spelled backwards; something people fund insulting when finally checking their rear view mirrors while hogging the outer lane.