Citroënvie Bob Bruce in Duluth Minnesota purchased this Méhari in Toronto two years ago.  He has been methodically working away on the mechanicals and yesterday drove it under its own power for the first time in decades!   After driving up and down the street a bit Bob reports that he is very pleased with the action of rebuilt clutch, brakes, suspension and transmission.  And his new engine is fine.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Zephyr is wondering – “What is this thing?”

[Ed note: Love the aftermarket horn arrangement.  It plays La Marseillaise!]   Bob says: “Now on to the ABS body cracks and paint.”

Bob Bruce's Mehari 1  The Méhari Bob’s shop early last year.

Here are a few photos of what Bob started with:

Mehari at Victor's 1  Mehari at Victor's 2  Mehari at Victor's 3  Mehari at Victor's 4



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