DS & ID parts from the mid 50’s to mid 70’s up for auction

Interested in getting some parts for your Citroën at reasonable prices?   These guys had a 59 DS up for auction that sold to the Netherlands. From that sale they now have lots of Citroën parts up for auction including some really rare things like hard to find early ID plastic window winding handles.   They say that more parts are coming online over the next couple of days; front end parts, engine parts, a complete DS engine, transaxle parts, windshields, body panels, etc…

If you are interested there two auctions, titled “Napa Garage Find” and “Napa Garage Find Part 2”.  They can be viewed here:


According to the seller; “This is really not meant to be an ‘advertisement.’  As someone who used to restore classic Chevy’s, I would always get upset when I missed out on parts that would help me with a restoration.  I want these parts to get used on cars, not end up at a dump somewhere.  Additionally, I am trying to help out the family after an obviously avid Citroën fan has passed on to Citroën heaven.”


    1. George and others – I bought most of these parts and don’t really have the room for them so need to offer them to others who might need some very early parts. All of the parts are from the first series cars, so if you have one, let me know what you’re looking for. I can be reached at citbuff@gmail.com or call me at 248-515-9879. All these parts are located in San Jose Ca. but I will only be here til maybe mid May, then back to Detroit & won’t be taking these with me – they’ll stay in Ca. til I get back later this coming summer, so let me know what you’re looking for asap.

      Ken Nelson

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