New Book — “Citroën Cars 1934 to 1986”

Book review by George Dyke…..

When I was a kid about 10 years of age, I bought a little pocket-sized book titled “The Observers Book of Automobiles”. It was the 1961 edition published by Frederick Warne & Co. Ltd. in London. That one book ignited my passion with cars and I thumbed through it regularly. (It still sits prominently in my library.)

Of course, the pages that fascinated me the most were those with Citroëns. In that 1961 edition a 2CV, a Bijou and 3 DS were pictured; an estate, a saloon and a convertible. (Although I must admit I drifted over to the gorgeous Maserati 5000 GT Coupé photo many a time.)

I mention the Observers Book because a new book has just been published that is Citroën centric. Rather than listing all the manufactures and giving a digest of each on just a couple of pages, “Citroën Cars 1934 to 1986 A Pictorial History” by Julian Parish provides a good overview of the company’s innovative models commencing with the Traction Avant.

Along with photos are basic stats for each model such as; number produced, engine types, weight, etc, and basic diagrams of dashboard layouts and shift patterns.

As the title states, the book is about Citroën Cars, and mostly production models. If you are looking for all their wild concepts or info about the H Van or Citroën’s large commercial trucks, you won’t find it in this publication.

To keep the book a comfortable size in your hands, it is soft cover and measures just 15 cm (wide) x 21 cm (tall) x 1 cm (thick). 152 pages that offer just enough information to get anyone with a passing interest in Citroëns a little more informed about them.

It is a book that may well hook a new generation on classic Citroëns — one I will putting in my Grandson’s Christmas stocking this year.

“Citroën Cars 1934 to 1986 A Pictorial History is available from Veloce Publishing Ltd.
Visit their website at: for more details or email: 

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  1. I first saw a Citroen in Melbourne Australia I about 1950. A lovely shiny black one. I loved it and always thought front wheel drive the way to go. Alex Issigonis finally showed the world the way to go. A little after this the 2cv came and sails took me me for a ride on cobblestone wharf & amazed. I owned an ID19 for many years until the Montreal rust finished it.

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