Peter Cheney admires the 2CV in his last Globe & Mail article

Peter Cheney, noted automotive columnist for the Globe & Mail, Canada’s major national newspaper, published his last column on Dec. 8, 2016.  In it, as he reflected on his career and his decision to retire, Peter gave a shout-out to the 2CV.  Yes, a man that has had the opportunity to test virtually every new car coming to market for the past decade, a guy with a long history of owning and working on classics, gives accolades in his closing remarks to the Citroën 2CV.

Like another famous automotive journalist, Chris Harris, who chose the 2CV as his favourite car, (see our Citroënvie blog on that) the one he would would keep among all others if given the ultimatum to choose, the engineering and driving pleasure that the 2CV delivers is a unique adrenaline rush not associated with speed, but charm and practicality.   

Peter states; “Almost every day, someone asks me what my favourite car is, and which ones I’d buy if I won the lottery. The answer: My favourite car is the one that my wife happens to be in at any given moment. And that car is also the one that takes me where I want to go, starts every time without fail, and has a price that doesn’t make my family suffer. Although I admire Porsche 911s, and spent several years working on them professionally, I revere cars like the Toyota Prius, Honda Civic and Citroen 2CV for their brilliant application of practical engineering, and their adherence to the inviolable laws of everyday economics.”

Makes you feel pretty good that in the world of exotic cars, we 2CV owners have the privilege of experiencing the perennial favourite.  

Read Peter’s full article here:

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