Roll Down Windows 2CV 1

While the eye might first be drawn to the bulbous aftermarket trunk on this 1957 2CV, (an aftermarket accessory offered by the specialty firm Raoul at the time), a closer inspection will reveal that something very interesting!   The usual horizontal split front side-windows are missing.  There is no flip-up lower section.  What happened?  Broken glass exchanged for temporary perspex perhaps?  Nope!  This 2CV has roll down front windows, another very rare accessory patented by Raoul in 1954 according to

Roll Down Windows 2CV 2

Recently offered for sale by Frank Kennis in Holland, Citroenvie member Larry Lewis spotted it on the website and brought it to our attention.

Could it be the only 2CV equipped with such an accessory to survive?   Must be very unusual to drive to it, glance out the side and see a panoramic view as opposed to split glass at the tip of your nose.

View more pictures of this 2CV on the Frank Kennis website here:

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