After a careful search and connection in France with a Citroën specialist, in 2019 Citroënvie member Paul Anderson in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania imported a 1974 SM IE. Although a very nice car when he acquired it, Paul is a very fastidious fellow and worked on quite a few things to make it immaculate, such as:

  • Re-gluing fabric to door and quarter panels
  • Removing the previous owners wiring and switch for a rear fog light
  • Removing the Continental radio and sending it to a specialist in The Netherlands for repair
  • Doing minor interior improvements such as:
    • Sourcing the correct screws for gauge cluster on the center console
    • Adjusting the glove box so the lid stays closed
  • Cleaning up the license plate frame and installing reproduction original number plates – front and rear
  • Repainting the headlight assembly surround
  • Installing new brake pads and removing the wear lip from the front rotors
  • Replacing the dust caps for rear wheel bearings and replacing them with modified versions that allow for addition of gear oil
  • Replacing all the rubber hoses of the fuel injection system and installing correct Norma clamps
  • Removing the front suspension covers and repairing the dents then repainting
  • Plus over 100 other details that resulted in perfection both cosmetically and mechanically.

The end result was much admired in the special display of the works of Robert Opron at Citroëns at Carlisle in May of this year.

Paul’s SM at the Works of Robert Opron Display at Citroëns at Carlisle.

Last weekend was the Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance near Malvern Pennsylvania.  Paul had never had a car the quality of his SM, so he decided to give it a try.  He applied to the show with the SM and it was accepted. 

At the show, the SM generated a lot of interest as although most of the other participants and the judges were generally aware of the SM, they had never or rarely ever seen one, particularly a French specification highly original car. 

To Paul’s surprise (and delight), the SM won its class “European Vintage Post War”

Congratulations Paul on a well deserved win!

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