Definitive Early DS History in Canada and the USA

Chris Dubuque has been hard at work in 2022 documenting the changes and modifications that Citroën made to import early DS 19 and ID 19 models into the USA and Canada.

Part of a comprehensive “Citroën in North America” e-resource that he has published, this latest (January 1, 2023) update to the early history of the DS over here is another amazing effort with a number of discoveries.

He tells how the first DS brought over to the USA on January 4, 1956 was driven from New York City through severe snowstorms to make it’s just-in-time debut at the 1956 Chicago Auto Show 3 days later!

From the first DS dealers in the USA to what transpired in Canada with Citroën, establishing dealers and eventually a corporate presence, is an absolutely fascinating read for any Citroën history buff.

Chris also covers the many subtle changes made to pre-’65 DS and ID models for both the USA and Canadian markets. Check it all out here:

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