Lane Motor Museum Celebrates Citroën’s 100 Years!

The Lane Motor Museum in Nashville is celebrating Citroën’s centenary by proudly featuring some of the most significant Citroën models from the last 100 years.

A Citroën Bijou in front of a 2CV Shara and a 1938 Traction Avant behind the Sahara.

If you have not been to the Lane Motor Museum, it is an eclectic mix of the most unusual automobiles you are going to find in North America, if not the world!

Micro cars galore…
1932 Helicron in front of a 1952 2CV Bicephale “Cogolin” Replica
1947 Tatra T-87 in front of a 1938 Tatra T-97.

There are mostly European brands, but you’ll also discover USA models and one-offs that you’ve probably never seen let alone heard of.

1933 Dymaxion Replica – designed by Buckminster Fuller who was a visionary that worked in many fields, from the environment to architecture. The Dymaxion, which is an acronym for DYnamic MAXimum TensION, was his most famous automotive project.

Many of them were radical departures from what was considered the norm at the time; cars with three wheels instead of four, off-the-wall styling, or unorthodox engineering.

1967 Gyro-X. It actually drives on 2 wheels – and really works!

Founder Jeff Lane has always been interested in the “technically significant” and the “uniquely different”, and Citroën arguably represents those ideals more than any other car company.

Jeff Lane (in person and in art)!

The Citroën centenary display will run through to April 20, 2020.

Plan your visit the Lane Motor Museum:

702 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37210
Phone: 615-742-7445

Here are more images of the exhibit courtesy of John Griffith:

1974 2CV (body off – driveable demonstrator)
2CV Bicephale ‘Cogolin’ replica
1969 Ami 6
1975 GS Birotor
1972 H Van
1959 ID19
1970 M-35
1962 Sahara (2CV)
Hood ornament on 1962 Sahara
1983 Visa Club

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