My Ami Buggy sells out in under 18 minutes

“Sorry Elon, the only way to get one is to buy us”, Citroën wrote on a billboard at the Gore de L’Est train station in Paris, referring to Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s appetite for deals, which has recently included a $44 billion bid for Twitter.

Citroën’s My Ami Buggy, the beach-going version of the brand’s tiny city car, has already sold out with all 50 examples of the off-road quadracycle selling in under 18 minutes. “The fastest customer managed to complete the whole purchasing journey and get his ‘My Ami Buggy’ in only 2 minutes and 53 seconds,” Citroën said in a statement.

Citroën announced that it would be putting its Ami Buggy concept into production last week, with the 50 cars being made only going on sale in France.

Since the Ami’s launch in April 2020, Citroën has sold 22,000 of the small electric model in Morocco, Europe and Turkey. The car is produced in Morocco and does not require a driving licence. It is only sold online.

For the limited edition “My Ami Buggy” mixes elements from the Pop and Vibe trim of the regular Ami, and adds in bigger front and rear bumpers, extra trim around the lights, wider wheel arches and a big rear spoiler. There’s black-tinted elements to give a robust feel, a Khaki yellow colour scheme, and 14″ gold wheels. The roof is replaced with canvas that can be rolled back and metal tube gates replace the doors, in homage to the Méhari.

The front of each of the 50 examples can be personalized, and each will also feature a special numbered ‘My Ami Buggy ULTRA LIMITED EDITION’ plate on the dashboard.

It was sold starting at 9,790 euros ($10,361 US).

The 50 buyers will also have their buggy delivered to them as part of a special ‘VIP service’. Deliveries are due to start on August 8, 2022.


  1. In yesterday’s newspaper (Ouest-France) Citroën ran this ad.
    Ami Buggy Ouest-France newspaper ad

    Not sure if the C6 ever got a full page ad like this. That’s a lot of PR for only 50 vehicles.
    I know of a Dutch dealer who wanted one. I don’t think he succeeded.

  2. France post WWII had but 1 glorious moment when the Cit. DS was launched.
    Look @ them today, 1/3 of Africa in arriving in waves, + the Presidend of the Republic – in bed with his Older by 20+ years Wife.
    This is not the image we all knew!

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