1974 DS20 “Ralleye” and Rare Traction Cabrio at Upcoming Artcurial Auction in Paris

Citroën’s DS rally cars won the Monte Carlo rally in 1959 again in 1966, and the Finnish 1000 Lakes Rally in 1962 with Pauli Toivonen.

This 1974 DS 20 on offer at at Artcurial’s – Automobiles sur les Champs 9 Auction in Paris, November 1, is prepared for historic rallies. Originally registered in France, it currently has an Italian title.  This car is similar to the factory entered cars during the 60s.  It has cut out wheel arches just as the originals did in the rallies. Fully prepared and ready to race, it is fitted with different rally carburetors, 6 extra lights, Halda speed pilots and rally seats.  It could be the perfect entry for the upcoming Historic Monte Carlo rally.

Chassis Number: 4717859
Estimate: € 27 000 – 32 000

lot_174_1974_citroen_ds_20_rallye  citroen_ds_rallye_2  citroen_ds_rallye_5   citroen_ds_rallye_3  citroen_ds_rallye_8  citroen_ds_rallye_10    citroen_ds_rallye_7

If an original DS sedan more to your taste, there is a 1972 DS23ie Pallas on the auction block

This DS 23 Pallas with electronic fuel injection was delivered in December 1972 in Paris, and kept and maintained by its first owner till December 17, 2012, when he sold the car to a friend of his son, himself a great enthusiast of Italian cars.  The Citroën Conservatoire certificate confirms that it left the factory with this metallic brown paint scheme, and that the car was equipped with tinted windows and tobacco colour leather.  The interior is completely original and in excellent condition, apart from the lower edge of the driver’s seat.  An invoice folder traces the car’s maintenance and service record since 1978 and indicates that the engine was replaced in 1986 when it totaled 156,000 km.  Currently the odometer displays 193,000 km.  The car was maintained until 1984 by the Citroën dealer network and then by brand specialists such as Philippe Rahusseau, DSM, Frédéric Daunat and coachbuilder Lecoq, who repaired the rain guttering, etc… The steering system, the fuel pump, the exhaust system and the four Michelin tires are new, the paint was redone in 2007 and €15,000 was spent between 2014 and 2015 to bring the car to optimal condition for regular use.

Chassis # 00FG5277
Offered at no reserve

lot_175_1972_citroen_ds_23_pallas_ie  citroen_ds_23_ie_pallas_5  citroen_ds_23_ie_pallas_12  citroen_ds_23_ie_pallas_4  citroen_ds_23_ie_pallas_10  citroen_ds_23_ie_pallas_9  citroen_ds_23_ie_pallas_26  citroen_ds_23_ie_pallas_28  citroen_ds_23_ie_pallas_29 


Should open touring be more your style, this very rare 1939 Traction Avant ”Twelve” English built roadster is being offered.

The Traction Avant was revolutionary when it was launched, for both its engineering and its low profile.  The car continued to demonstrate its abilities as it evolved through more than 20 years of production. The most collectible of them all being the open version, was the roadster.  The B11 was made on license in several countries, among them Belgium, Denmark and in the U.K.  The version of the 7 produced by the English factory in Slough was called the Twelve.  This confusing terminology referred to the British fiscal tax rating at the time which was higher than the French; for example, the 11CV engine was 15HP in England.  There were also small differences between the French and British built cars as the British ones must had 51% UK parts in them: the electrics were Lucas, the dashboard was in wood and the seats were in leather.  All to suit the British markets taste.

Few roadsters with those specifications were produced at the Slough plant, making this the rarest of all the 4 cylinder Traction Avant convertibles.  It was rebuilt by the former owner during the early 2000’s and imported to Sweden in 2004.

Chassis N° 103631


lot_176_1939_citroen_twelve_roadster  citroen_traction_light_15_roadster_trad_8  citroen_traction_light_15_roadster_trad_9  

citroen_traction_light_15_roadster_trad_25  citroen_traction_light_15_roadster_trad_14  citroen_traction_light_15_roadster_trad_16   citroen_traction_light_15_roadster_trad_17  citroen_traction_light_15_roadster_trad_18 


UPDATE – Auction Results:

The 1974 DS20 Ralleye was not sold.

The 1972 Citroën DS 23 Pallas ie sold for € 26,224.

The 1939 Citroën Twelve roadster sold for € 77,480.

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