Cyril Ribas from Aventure 2CV has produced a spectacular short video of a road trip he and his 16 year-old son Evann took through the Swiss Alps in his four-wheel drive 2CV.   (Actually, it seems to be a Dyane Acadiane 4×4 with a 2CV bodied front end.)  

The drone footage alone is awesome as they document two weeks of driving and bivouacs under the stars.  They travelled the areas of Parpaillon, Assietta, Sommelier, Jafferau, Sagnes, Mallemort, Viraysse, Pic Blanc, Caron, Mayt, Anon, Moutière, Cuguret, Roche la Croix and Emparis and ascended three passes with an altitude of over 3,000 meters!   

What’s even more amazing is that the trip was an introduction to driving for Evann, who had only two days of practice.  Rocky roads, a series of tight hairpin turns, precipices, snow, and hills that were an incredible 30 degree slope, up to a 58% grade, — were all good training for getting his driving license when he turns 18.

Cyril is a member of the Apua Help family, (the book of those offering International Assistance to worldwide 2CV travelers) and wanted to share this video with us.   Perhaps one day in the future he will be passing by your place…

In the meantime enjoy Cyril and Evann’s Swiss adventure:

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  1. We have a 1956 Truckette 12 hp and always wanted to drive the Rubicon Trail at Lake Tahoe, California, USA…but our age has caught up to us and will leave this adventure to younger folks.

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