Crocolion Departs North America – For Sale in Europe

The twin-engine 2CV rally car we have written about many times has left our shores. Crocolion was built in France by the late Jack Hannon and was stored in Montreal for many years. In November 2014 Frank Locker purchased it and refurbished to a most impressive and unusual rally 2CV. Whereas most 4 x 4 two-engine 2CVs have two 2CV engines, Crocolion sports two 4-cylinder GS engines giving over twice the horsepower of other 4 x 4 rally built 2CVs and making it truly a monster! Now that Frank has completed the restoration, shown it at a few events and had it featured in Road & Track, he has decided to sell it and figured Europe would be the strongest market. Consequently, it is now in The Netherlands, in André Pol’s hands, ready for the next owner. 

Before it left, Frank had the following pictures taken in a gravel pit, feeling it was close as close as he could come to the North Africa landscape that Crocolion was originally built for. 

During the photo session, Frank made video taken from the passenger seat, zipping around the pit.  It is 23mb and you can view it by downloading it here:

You can read more about Crocolion’s history in these Citroënvie articles:

Update — Jan. 10, 2022: Crocolion was sold today at the Collecting Cars online website in the UK for a mere £11,500 (~$15,600 USD). Auction details and extensive photos of the car can be seen here:×4

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