Citroënvie member Nebo Djurdjevic just returned from his hometown in Serbia where GSs are beginning to become scarce, but junkyards are littered with old parts cars and engines.

Nebo’s friend in Serbia, Srdjan Radišić from Novi Sad, made a table from a GS engine – and documented the process.  (Srdjan’s dad owned two GS’ in 1970’s.)  Take a look at the steps, and the very chic end result:

Start with one abandoned GS engine…


Clean and lightly shot blast…

Re-assemble exterior pieces….

Add glass and base pallet.

Bonus if you fit an electric motor to the crankshaft and have the pulleys turn!

And voila!

Don’t forget to display the vehicle VIN plate to prove authenticity!

Sure beats shopping at IKEA and assembling their furniture in our opinion!

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  1. Nice way to show off, if you want to put an electric motor to the crank shaft, do so such that it is wired to turn ‘on’ when the entertainment centre turn ‘off ‘, this way the motor will not interfere with the noise on the Television as well as refrain watchers from distracting too much;)

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